Year One.


One year… One year of marriage with the glorious man I call my husband, and what a year it has been… New Jobs, New property, New plans and most of all New adventures.

We have had one epic roller coaster of a year and have weathered it together which has made it all the better in my humble opinion, so I thought as a lovely little nod to this I would let you guys in on that fateful day one year ago when I married my best bud and partner in life, so you could get a little peak into what makes us tick and who we are.

Enjoy the photos and enjoy a little sneak into our lives, and keep an eye out for much more frequent posts in the new year!!


Photos by: Coralee Stone

Wedding cake by: Sweet Bite cakes

Caramel Cake by: Bluebells cakery

Make up & Hair by: Kaitlin Chapman Boutique makeup & Hair 


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