What a year!

Guys! First of all I blogged! It must mean its end of season as honestly who has time for that come summer? We certainty don’t but i promise to somehow attempt to get some semblance of better at it ha!

Secondly we have just finished off another summer season and my god what a epic one it was! Travels all over New Zealand as far North as Paihia down to the south island in the beautiful Marlborough. Its tough to sum up what a fun, vibrant and generally rad season it was in a blog post as its tough to describe the event highs at seeing the day come together, the coffee lows at 1am pack downs and the general high fives for pulling off the impossible sometimes.

With a host of incredibly cool cats for our couples and some incredibly dreamy briefs, it was a bit of a summer high that just kept on rolling. We couldn’t have done it without them and wouldn’t have it any other way!

So thanks again for following along guys, for us its time to crack the wine, have a quick recap of our season that was and look forward to the incredible year ahead!


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