Event Styling

We get asked all the time what it is we actually do and how it works so we thought we would give you guys a little rundown of the event styling & design process from start to finish.

We like to get to know our clients (preferably over coffee or wine!) to find out who they are and how you guys operate, we believe the day should be a true reflection of who you are not only as a couple but the rad individuals you are!

Our Job is to bring to life our collective ideas, no matter how out of the box they may be, and to create a truly memorable experience, taking you and your guests on a journey throughout your day.

We spend months or days, (Depending on your time frame) toiling away crafting, designing, sourcing and planning to make your event come to life and take shape.

3 months out we lock in the design (So up until then you can make changes to your hearts content), and this is where the nitty gritty happens and we really make this event come to life!

On the day, we load the truck, Gather the florals, insert coffee drip and hit the road in the wee hours to get a start implementing the epic day we have all planned and dreamed of. We take care of the small elements such as lighting all the candles and making sure the chairs are just so, to the large ticket items like a rad backdrop to wow the guests and laying out awesome lounge spaces for wine and dancing through the night.

Basically we love creating authentic events that reflect the love and personality of you guys, so get in touch and give us a bell so we can catch up and hear all about your story!

Checkout some examples of our work over in the Our Work section (weddings, styled shoots, celebrations, corporate)

And now for some FAQS! (Because we all know you have some major Q’s!)


Where Are you based?

We are based in the Huapai, Auckland ( Or for those not up to play on NZ Geographic, just Auckland, NZ)

Ok so do you travel outside of Auckland? 

Heck Yes! We actually spend about 80% of our time out of Auckland most summers, on the road putting together weddings all over NZ! We love travelling so just pitch it us and chances are we are down for it!

Do you also do hire? 

We certainly do! You can check out our range of hire here! Everything from rad table settings right through to lighting and lounge spaces. If we don’t have something your after, chances are we can get it at a pretty insane industry rate so just flick us a email and let us know!)

What kind of weddings and couples do you like working with? 

We are lovers of love! So basically if you fill that criteria we are in! We love creating and celebrating uniqueness, authenticity and just genuine fun! So if you are down to create some memories, want to bring a day filled with personal elements that reflect you guys and want to step outside the box and join us on this adventure you cannot sign us up fast enough!

I have a friend/venue manager that says they can do the set up, so do I really need you?

First off I’m sure they are super lovely and more than capable of setting up your vision, and if your happy with that go for it!.. But this is a massive day for you and something you are only going to do once so why not leave it in the hands of a pro? We do more than just “set up” your day, we build on your ideas, offer an alternative perspective and just generally offer a wealth of experience behind us (Trust us when we say we have dealt with most situations) . We are on site for the majority of the day which frees up your mum/sister/best friend from set up duties so they can all relax and enjoy the day with you!

Do you charge for an initial catchup? 

Heck no! In fact we will even shout the coffee 🙂