Kicking off the blog once again seemed like a good idea but honestly guys we need a kick up the bum to get this going!

I thought we would re kick off the blog with a introduction of some of the key players involved in this little slice of the internet, starting off with little old me.

We work to make each and every event we are part of as emotive, real and personal as possible. Those small details matter and they are what your going to look back on in 50 years.

I have grown up in this industry with parents that have owned event and wedding venues my whole life. From a very early age i have been running around the kitchen, helping out on the floor, setting up copious chair covers – (this may stem my insane dislike for anything related to chair covers or fish bowls here). I have worked in the kitchen, on the floor as wait staff, event management, co-ordination & setup crew. This has built a firm foundation of our business and created a pretty clear path of where we wanted it to head.

We aim to challenge the status quo, create authentic real events that reflect you guys! We rebel against what a wedding day should be, look like  or how it should feel. The day is a blank canvas in our books and that idea of colouring outside the lines has become a calling card.

I am a lover of a good coffee, music fuels my soul & i’m generally passionate about creating magic for you guys. I don’t like clutter in my designs, texture is my jam, and i will always take you up on the offer of cake.

I live at home with Jared (the other half of the foxes) otherwise known as the beaded florist 😉 and our rescue pup and cat Luke & Monkey.

I think that about sums up this first little scribble. I would love to hear your thoughts on how you see this blog going and what you would like us to chat about!

Until next time!



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