Hello World!

Hey Guys!

Welcome to our very first blog post, we’re glad your here!  We wanted to fill you guys in on a little bit about us and our lives together and why we got into this crazy exciting business.

We are Jess & Jared, a husband and wife based in Auckland city.  We fell in love, moved to Australia, adopted a cat, bought her home to New Zealand and got married!

We won’t bend the truth and tell you we have been styling for years but it would be unfair to say that we haven’t been around weddings for a while now, this adventure into styling is a new direction for us that we are very excited by.

We had a year and a half to plan our wedding so we immersed ourselves in the creativity of others, looking at all avenues and styles available to us in New Zealand.  We ended up taking inspiration from further abroad and once our wedding day was over we found that we didn’t want to stop so the idea was born!

Two Foxes is our passion, the thing that our conversations and thoughts surround and we’re super excited to share all of our adventures with you guys!



photo by Coralee Stone.  (Check her out, She is awesome!)

Jess & Jared Owners of TwoFoxes

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