A Pinterest page chocked full of ideas and plans? A long line of suppliers you have been eyeing up to jump on board your rad celebration?

Jump forward 6 months to the wedding day and you’ve got flowers to organise, a band wanting to set up at the venue, button holes to deliver to your groom and a long line of vendors waiting to get their turn (Not an ideal stress free environment on your wedding morning!)

Unexpected things can and will happen, however we can help ease this with our experience and a talented bunch of wedding coordinators which means you can sit back and enjoy your wedding day with your best gals and a glass of champagne (Or hard liquor, depending on your taste!)

Weddings can be a beast to undertake and sometimes time is not your friend (200+ hours eep!) but we can step in and take the stress and worry off you and share in the immense excitement of the awesome day!

Sarah & Luke's reception.
Photograph by Paul Tatterson

Complete Planning

It takes on average over 200 hours to plan a wedding, that a heck load of hours.. but its true!

After all the googling, phone calling, appointment taking, decision making, food and wine tasting (yum!), spreadsheet building, more decision making, credit card swiping, run sheet producing, rehearsal managing & people herding, you still need to have enough sanity, energy and excitement for the wedding day itself!

We can help by stepping in from the very beginning by helping to plan and design your wedding from the beginning to end. We will first catch up and get to know you guys and how you roll as couple, and from there start to pop a plan in place. We will help to source vendors and negotiate to get the best plan in place while keeping within your set budget. We will be there from start to finish for any questions, ideas, or dreams you have and we will be the ones to make it all a reality.

| Prices start at $5000.00 |

If you have any further questions or would like more information about these packages feel free to give us a call on 0212371206 or email at

Katy & Nick after the ceremony
Photograph by Frank & Peggy